Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve

Hutan Simpan Ayer Hitam (HSAH), Puchong, also known as Sultan Idris Shah Forestry Education Center (SISFEC) is a permanent forest reserve which was awarded to UPM through a long-term agreement. 

Sprawling on an area of 1182.07 hectare, it was placed under the responsibility of UPM to conduct activities in relation to EDUCATION, RESEARCH and DEVELOPMENT in the field of forestry. 

In producing competent students with vast knowledge in forestry, practical trainings are, indeed, vital. With SISFEC, the Forestry Faculty is able to design, develop and organize various activities in the field of forestry more effectively, in a more organized manner and on a regular basis. 

The teaching and learning conducted encompass practical training as well such as Survey of Forests, environmental and wildlife interpretations, Forest Entomology and Pathology, Dendrology, Physiology, Ecology, Silviculture, Reforestation, Forest Measurement, Forest Management Plan, Agroforestry, Management of Watershed Areas, Recreational Land Management and Forest Hydrology. 

HSAH is a tropical rainforest ecosystem which is unique and complex. Still, there are lots of information that have yet to be known about the content of forest flora and fauna, biodiversity, and the effects of human activities on forest eco-system. 

Therefore, more studies need to be carried out throughout the years in forests, particularly those relating to forest flora and fauna, the health of forest eco-system, forest management, products and recreation. In order to increase public awareness on the importance of forests in the conservation of the environment, various transfer of knowledge to the community activities need to be implemented, such as tree planting programmes, publication of brochures and exhibition on environmental awareness. 

These activities indirectly will instil awareness among members of the public the importance of preserving nature and the environment.