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Student Affairs Division & Alumni

The Student Affairs Division & Alumni (BHEP & A) is one of the most important unit components in the Faculty of Forestry and Environment. BHEP & A is placed under the responsibility of the Deputy Dean (Academic and Student Affairs & Alumni).

BHEP & A is responsible for supervising and managing student-related matters which include aspects of welfare, student activities, discipline, student well-being and student alumni.


The Student Affairs Division & Alumni is responsible for the following:-

1. Regulate the welfare and well-being of students.

2. Coordinate sports, arts and cultural activities for students.

3. Manage all applications and matters related to scholarships, student loans and zakat assistance involving the relevant agencies.

4. Coordinate club and association activities as well as student activities on and off campus.

5. Offer counseling services and student personality development.

6. Collaborate with Alumni in organizing appropriate activities.


Updated:: 28/05/2021