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The Faculty of Forestry and Environment is one of the founding faculties during the formation of Universiti Putra Malaysia, formerly known as Universiti Pertanian Malaysia. Faculty of Forestry and Environment was originally known as Faculty of Forestry and on 1 March 2020, the Faculty of Forestry was merged with the Faculty of Environmental Studies to become the Faculty of Forestry and Environment.

As an academic entity, the following functions are central to the faculty: teaching, conducting research and providing professional services. These activities are in line with UPM’s goals to produce students who are competent, resilient, far-sighted and with high moral values. Our intention is to deliver quality graduates who can contribute to the success of the nation. Our motto is to leap forward – we are committed to transform the Faculty of Forestry and Environment into a centre of excellence in education and research on tropical forestry and environment. In our pursuit to establish state-of-the-art professional facilities together with outstanding human resources, the faculty continually strives to improve teaching methods, produce high-quality research, and provide necessary relevant expertise. The Faculty of Forestry and Environment presently offer five undergraduate programmes, namely, Bachelor of Forestry Science with Honours, Bachelor of Wood Science and Technology with Honours, Bachelor of Parks and Recreation Science with Honours, Bachelor of Environmental Management with Honours and Bachelor of Environmental Science and Technology with Honours.

These, along with Masters and Ph.D programmes are conducted through, the Deputy Dean Office (Graduates, Research and International) at the faculty. It is my hope that we can interact with internet users. We appreciate feedback to help us create a quality working environment and to meet the needs of the nation in shaping human capital for the forestry sector, timber industry, eco-tourism sector and environmental management sectors.

Updated:: 19/05/2021